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ST MARY'S CHURCH ... ... ... 01932 785448

Green Street, Sunbury on Thames, TW16 6RN


For more than two thousand years people have lived and worshipped within the boundaries of the St. Mary's Parish.  The settlement of Bronze and Iron Age families in Sunbury has been proved by the fragments of pottery and implements found during the construction of the local reservoirs, the excavation of the gravel pits and the dredging of the Thames.


The leaflets “A Tour of St Mary’s” and “The Bells of St Mary’s” give details of the inside of the Church and of the eight bells situated in the tower today.  They are free to download by clicking the links.  






ST. IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA ... ... 01932 783507

Green Street, Sunbury on Thames, TW16 6QB


The Parish of Sunbury-on-Thames is situated in the Upper Thames Deanery. It was founded in 1862. The Church was built in 1869 and consecrated on 22nd May1884.


St. Ignatius was born in the family castle in Guipúzcoa, Spain, the youngest of 13 children, and was called Iñigo.


When he was old enough, he became a page, and then a soldier of Spain to fight against the French. A cannon ball and a series of bad operations ended his military career in 1521.

While St. Ignatius recovered, he read the lives of the Saints, and decided to dedicate himself to becoming a soldier of the Catholic Faith. Soon after he experienced visions, but a year later suffered a trial of fears and scruples, driving him almost to despair.

SUNBURY METHODIST CHURCH ... ... ... 01932 788259

Staines Road East, Sunbury on Thames, TW16 5AD

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